DEDON Supper Club

March 15, 2011, will go down as one of our most memorable nights ever in New York City: a Dedon Showroom in SoHo magically transformed into a Montauk lobster restaurant; a seemingly endless Play Dining setting; 30 unbelievably warmhearted friends and design lovers; and the most attentive and entertaining of hosts, Interior DesignEditor-in-Chief Cindy Allen and DEDON Founder and Chairman Bobby Dekeyser.

Before such an evening kicks off, you wonder if all these talented people can or will have a great time together, and reading their bios you get a little nervous — but also excited — that they've agreed to join you in bidding farewell to winter and welcoming in the spring. And then four hours fly by in a whirl of inspiring conversations, continuous laughter, a little bit too much wine, exquisite food (miraculously created on site by our Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner) and promising new friendships.

Happily, DEDON's initiation ceremony into New York's design and architecture crème de la crème exceeded all of our expectations!
Thank you, Cindy! And thank you: Clodagh, Eric Gartner, Ghislaine Vinas, Gregory Dufner, Hayes and James Slade, Jayne and Joan Michaels, Mark Zeff, Paul Siskin, Robin Osler, Russell Groves, Siobhan Barry, Steven Harris, Carl D'Aquino, John & Bonnie Edelman, Tina Brennan, Helene Oberman and Laura Anzani.

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