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Text by Alex Marashian

The Domino Effect: Packaging Gets PLAYful


A sense of PLAY overtook guests and décor alike at L’Eclaireur, Paris’ cutting-edge concept store, last Friday night. The occasion was a celebration of DEDON’s revolutionary new PLAY chair by Philippe Starck and the eye-popping packaging that art director Alex Wiederin of Buero New York has created for it. Wiederin’s strikingly original concept, itself a play on the idea of the ‘domino effect’, pushes packaging to the next level, with product and presentation playing off each other and inviting our own imaginations to play along. 


L’Eclaireur’s influential owner, Armand Hadida, seems to have embraced the DEDON spirit wholeheartedly, turning over the entirety of his prestigious rue de Sévigné space to PLAY for the duration of this year’s Maison et Object fair. Designed by the Belgian artist/architect Arne Quinze, the space has been outfitted with a seemingly endless variety PLAY chairs, while its windows have been given over to a PLAY installation and its 147 video displays have been programmed to screen a series of original PLAY movies by art director/set designer Simon Costin. 


More than 200 guests, including some of the leading lights of Parisian design, art and fashion, got swept up in the playful spirit of the Friday evening event. DEDON’s charismatic founder and chairman, Bobby Dekeyser, was on hand, making sure everyone felt at home, while Philippe Starck, accompanied by his wife Jasmine, dazzled with his wit and keen observations. Spotted in the crowd were photographer Dominique Issermann, curator Jerome Sans, shoe guru Pierre Hardy and cashmere king Lucien Pellat-Finet, among many others.

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