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Coming Home. 
The DEDON ad campaign by Bruce Weber.

A multilevel treehouse, a cast and crew of 60 people with legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber keeping it all together: check out our unconventional DEDON campaign COMING HOME by clicking the image above!

Please click here and order your book DEDON "COMING HOME" by Bruce Weber!

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10 Comment(s)

    • Danny Zapalac
    • 01.04.2010 / 03:29

    Love it, makes me want to grab the family and build a house in a tree and live life. Kudos to the idea and art direction..

    • Sarah Hayon
    • 10.04.2010 / 03:17

    A beautiful video! I am dying to find out what the music is!

    • Vivian Sette
    • 13.04.2010 / 23:40

    Where's I can take the tickets to the party in Milan? Day / hr???

    • Name
    • 15.04.2010 / 12:47

    im new

    • Leslie Hobson
    • 22.04.2010 / 14:54

    Received the mailer this morning in my Globe and Mail. We are thinking of replacing some of our Hauser pieces with something new and are your target group. This costly piece was tossed aside by my husband as he had no idea what it was advertising. Fabulous, arty shots - as a campaign known in the business as an Art Director's wet dream.

    • 05.05.2010 / 20:23

    SUUUper!!!! Gracias!!!

    • Pascale Schwander Taylor
    • 03.06.2010 / 16:44

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    • Ivan Mendez
    • 30.07.2010 / 18:00


    • bailey lawrimore
    • 05.07.2013 / 23:29

    Love the movie, I am now looking for my family a big old tree.

    • eddie
    • 09.07.2013 / 00:08

    Love outside furnisher