Jean-Marie Massaud - Designer of SLIM LINE, GREEN and SEASHELL
Jean-Marie MassaudJean-Marie Massaud

Born in France in 1966, Jean-Marie Massaud studied at the renowned "Les Ateliers Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle" in Paris. After completing his studies, he first worked with Marc Berthier; then in 2000, he founded the successful "Studio Massaud" together with Daniel Pouzet.

Jean-Marie Massaud


Studio Massaud designs influential furniture and products for Cassina, B&B Italia and Axor Hansgrohe as well as stores and stands for Lancôme and Poltrona Frau.

Massaud's work has been honored with numerous prizes including the Compasso d'Oro (1995-98), the Designer of the Year Award (Paris Furniture Fair 2007), and the ELLE Decoration International Award (2007).

A Short Interview with Jean-Marie Massaud timeless.

Q: What is Beauty? 
A: Beauty is pure emotion.

Q: What is Design? 
A: Design is making the experience of progress, creating life scenarios.

Q: What is the function of Design? 
A: It aims to take part in a new consumption model based on “being” rather than on “having”.

Q: What is special about your design? 
A: I hope it is relevant, light and timeless.

Q: What is the best designer piece ever? 
A: The wheel.

Q: Why did you become a designer? 
A: I wanted to feel free and invent projects.

Q: What inspires you? 
A: Systems, life, nature.

Q: What motivates you? 
A: The human adventure.

Q: Is there a designer whom you admire? 
A: Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Eames.

Q: Where do you work? What does your workplace look like? 
A: I can work anywhere. My office looks like a mess and comfortable ecosystem.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot? 
A: Under water.

Q: What is the most valuable item in your possession? 
A: Nothing but life… And even…

Q: What is the most difficult point during the creation of a new collection?
A: It may be sometimes to be in line with the abilities of the company.

Q: Your favourite city? 
A: Venice during the Art biennale.

Q: In your opinion, what is typical for the design of DEDON? 
A: Quality, comfort and joy.

Q: What were the five most important moments of your career? 
A: My birth; my childhood; when I discovered mathematics, physics and in general human sciences; my studies in Paris; my “father” and professor Marc Berthier


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1 Comment(s)

    • VIDAL Bernadette
    • 06.05.2012 / 17:32

    Je possède 5 GREEN verticaux et 1 horizontal.
    Je suis ravie du concept et j'envisageais l'acquisition de 3 nouveaux panneaux.
    Il y a cependant un "hic" : la qualité des matériaux.
    En effet, les pieds chromés "pèlent" leur chrome et ce qui apparaît n'est pas du meilleur effet !!!
    Par ailleurs, nous retrouvons assez régulièrement des goupilles de fixation des pieds, complètement dévissées.
    J'espère que ces informations vous permettront de "rectifier le tir" quand à la qualité, qui semble être votre cheval de bataille.
    Une dernière chose : pas facile de se procurer un article créé par un designer français, quand on habite en France !