Richard Frinier - Designer of many DEDON classics

Widely referred to as the ‘king’ of outdoor furniture, American-born Richard Frinier is credited with bringing luxury and sophistication out of the home and into the garden. He is known for his mastery of a range of styles, from modern to contemporary and traditional to classic forms. Over the years, Richard has been the recipient of more than 70 product design and career achievement awards, and, in 2009, he was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the industry and his community, as designated and awarded by the International Casual Furnishings Association.

Richard FrinierRichard Frinier

The first designer to collaborate with DEDON, Richard remains one of our most prolific. In 2006, The Robb Report magazine celebrated his DEDON DAYDREAM as one of the best designs at large over the past 30 years.  In 2008, his soft-modern SPA collection won an international red dot design excellence award and the HD Expo/IIDA Design Excellence Award.  And for 2010, Richard continues this tradition of excellence with an extraordinary new collection of dining and lounging solutions.

Richard Frinier

Short Interview with the Designer:

Q: What is Beauty? A: Beauty is the characteristic that gives us aesthetic pleasure

Q: What is design? A: The art and science of creating

Q: What is the function of design? A: Design has the function of converting an idea into reality.

Q: What is special about your design? A: I remove all nonessential elements to gain pure form. I call this process “reductive detailing”. My design concepts seem to convey the passion that I felt during their creation. This establishes an emotional link with others.

Q: Why did you become a designer? A: It is the natural expansion of my urge to be creative.

Q: What inspires you? A: That which is really good in our world.

Q: What motivates you? A: To improve what is not good in our world.

Q: Is there a designer whom you admire? A: The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who is famous for his important contributions to mathematics and to music theory.

Q: Where do you work? What does your workplace look like? A: We work from our home, but I travel to factories, suppliers, or to do research. I always think about design and I am known to draw on napkins, in airplanes, or in the deck chair at the beach.

Q: What is the most difficult point during the creation of a new collection? A: The confirmation that my designs are relevant, authentic and remarkable.

Q: In your opinion, what is typical for the design of DEDON A: The designs of DEDON are unique, because they attest to depth of thought and originality. This creates immediately an emotional link. They are aesthetic,very complex and challenging in their production. This makes every piece a masterwork.

DEDON Collections by Richard Frinier

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    • 04.04.2012 / 15:52

    ¿Porque eligieron el nombre Tango para la linea de mobiliario de exterior?
    Why Tango chose the name for the line of outdoor furniture?
    Pourquoi Tango a choisi le nom de la ligne de mobilier d'extérieur?

    • Dawn Weatherford
    • 18.04.2014 / 18:56

    Do you have a distributor in San Diego that I can contact in regards to pricing / purchasing.