For more than 20 years now, we at DEDON have been criss-crossing the globe, taking inspiration from the people we meet and the incredible outdoor places we discover. Back in early 2010, we launched the DEDON Tour du Monde in order to share that inspiration with others. An ongoing, around-the-world adventure in search of unique moments under the open skies, the Tour kicked off in Kenya’s Rift Valley, with an unforgettable encounter with the Masai people. From the palace courtyards of Jaipur to the lush forests of Chiang Mai, from the sun-baked beauty of the Yucatan to the tropical paradise of DEDON Island in the Philippines, we have continued to discover and document the best in outdoor living ever since. Our latest stop on the Tour — Muskoka, Canada — is no exception. 

Muskoka lies in the heart of Ontario’s Lake Country, an area of more than 10,000 glacier-cut lakes, formed during the Ice Age. The gorgeous scenery and pure waters of the area — in particular, Lake Joseph, our base — provided the perfect setting for doing what we do best, enjoying time together under the open skies, combining work and pleasure to create beautiful images and memorable stories to share.

From the moment we arrived in Muskoka, we were drawn to the water. Whether diving from the boat house roof or using our DEDON paddle boards to explore the lakes, we spent as much time on — and in — the water as we could. And as usual, it was only a matter of time before we began putting our fantastic, weather-resistant furniture to the test. DALA-skiing? We had to try it — and it worked! SWINGREST-skiing? We tried that too, but as DEDON founder Bobby Dekeyser discovered, the SWINGREST is far better suited for lounging in, just above the water’s surface. Go figure. 

Yes, the incredible waters of Lake Country were the major attraction. But we also had some fine adventures on land (hiking in search of bears, we finally found some) and even in the air, as Bobby and the team were finally reunited with the long-lost DEDON balloon — but then, that’s a whole other story. 

Perhaps it has to do with the outdoor lifestyle, but as with every other place we’ve visited on the Tour, the people we met in Canada were friendly and helpful without exception. We left reluctantly, with fond memories and a strong desire to return. But for all the good times we had, we think we’ve managed to demonstrate once again the DEDON principle that you can do great work — perhaps your best — while having fun.

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3 Comment(s)

    • Andreas Seibold
    • 15.11.2012 / 15:25

    Looks like fun!!

    • Lisa
    • 10.09.2013 / 18:49

    The Smith Family in New Castle, Delaware would live to join in the fun!
    Everyone, including the ones with four legs, looks like they are having the best time. I'm sure nobody wanted to leave:)

    • Lisa
    • 10.09.2013 / 18:52

    Darn spell check! And darn me for not checking spell check!
    We would LOVE to join you next time :) sorry