DEDON has always been about more than outdoor furniture. From the beginning, it has been about people coming together in unique environments and special atmospheres to engage in dialogue, exchanges and unforgettable shared experiences. And with our newest venture, DEDON Places, we’re bringing this bigger idea of DEDON fully to life.

DEDON Places is a budding collection of one-of-a-kind accommodations around the world, each with its own outdoor orientation, from ski chalet to island hideaway, African wilderness lodge, tree house, igloo, boat or city harbor hotel. In many ways, these accommodations are a reflection our company’s nomadic spirit. “Because we’re always on the move,” says Bobby, “meeting up with partners, team members and friends in so many different parts of the world, we’re always discovering incredible places. Now we want to let others know about them and share the experience, too.”

The first Place to open will be DEDON Island Resort on Siargao Island in the Philippines. Remote and exotic, with clear blue waters and lush tropical flora, it’s a destination we’ve been visiting for a decade. Having acquired it earlier this year, a group of 30 of us, including the celebrated designer and DEDON collaborator Jean-Marie Massaud, his architectural partner Daniel Pouzet, and their families, spent 14 days living on the island. Based on our shared experience there, Jean-Marie and Daniel are adapting the property to match perfectly with the vision of DEDON Places.

“The idea is a little like that of a youth hostel,” says Bobby, “only more exclusive. We all travel so much and experience so much, but in the end, what really sticks in our heads is the people and the atmospheres, and youth hostels are great for that. At DEDON Places, as in a hostel, people will be able to share an experience, take part in something together – for example, going out fishing, then coming back and cooking with a fantastic chef. So this is for people who want to push themselves a little farther, to go beyond the typical luxury experience. It’s a give as well as a take. And we already have plenty of bookings, just on the strength of the idea.”

More DEDON Places are in the planning stages, but as Bobby maintains, this is an organic process, and there’s “no pressure” to rush them out. “These are personal places where we all love to go, places where we can continue to tell a story, and it’s important never to lose the fun.” Bookings for DEDON Places will be handled by the DEDON travel agency, and those who are interested in sharing the experience will be able to find out more about it at our upcoming DEDON concept stores, which will feature full travel services.