For 25 years, DEDON has been creating outdoor furniture of unparalleled comfort, quality and style. Nowhere is this more apparent than with our signature collections, which have created new possibilities for bringing people together outdoors.
For its stand at the 2014 Salone del Mobile, DEDON heeded the call of the jungle. But this is no ordinary jungle. Inspired by the around-the-world adventures of its ongoing DEDON Tour du Monde, the luxury outdoor brand has created a one-of-a-kind jungle fantasy, all in dazzling white.

Based on a concept by designer Daniel Pouzet and drawings by his wife, Marilena Oprean, the booth combines the drama of the tropical wilds with the restraint of a white cube gallery, providing the perfect backdrop for iconic new works by Stephen Burks and Pouzet himself.

One of the first things visitors to DEDON’s White Jungle experienced had been the Floating Outdoor Living Room by Daniel Pouzet. An extension of the French-Romanian designer’s highly successful SWINGREST collection, this unique hanging lounge system, the first of its kind, consists of the SwingMe single-seater, the SwingUs loveseat and more. Like the jungle itself, the Floating Outdoor Living Room is always in motion, bringing a temporal dimension to the furniture while setting the stage for some of life’s most memorable scenes, those spent lounging with family and friends.

Across the river from the Floating Outdoor Living Room, visitors encountered AHNDA by Stephen Burks, a design that resists categories while embracing luxurious comfort, inimitable hand craftsmanship, advanced materials research and a spirit of openness, inclusiveness and pluralism. Perhaps most striking to the eye is AHNDA’s clearly articulated structure, visible through what Burks describes as a ‘transparent upholstery’.

Another exotic species that visitors discovered in the White Jungle had been the new DALA Loveseat. Delightfully laid-back and unpretentious, the latest extension of Stephen Burk’s award-winning DALA collection is a generously proportioned sunbed that captures the essence of barefoot luxury. Like AHNDA and the Floating Outdoor Living Room, the DALA Loveseat must be experienced to be appreciated, making a journey to the White Jungle an essential part of every design lover’s visit to the 2014 Salone del Mobile.
During the stay in the DEDON jungle visitors have been surprised by the howling of monkeys and the shrieks of tropical birds, and suddenly one could even notice claps of thunder, flashes of white lightening and the pounding of heavy rains — all part of life in the jungle.