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The Spirit of DEDON

It began with the creation of a revolutionary fiber, pleasurable to the touch yet tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. Explorers by nature, DEDON went searching for artisans skillful enough to weave this fiber into outdoor furniture designed by world-leading talents. We found those artisans on the Philippine island of Cebu, today our second home, but the journey had just begun.

For more than thirty years, DEDON has criss-crossed the globe in search of the people, places and stories that inspire us. Along the way, we’ve come to appreciate the special energy that makes a place unique. We call it ‘Spirit of Place’ and pursue it wherever it leads us, including into virtual worlds that open new possibilities for exploration and discovery. The journey continues.

The DEDON 2023 novelties
Made with passion and pride

DEDON selects only the finest materials for its iconic furniture, working exclusively with suppliers who share its passion for quality. From premium teak to industrial-strength ceramic to advanced fabrics from the US and Europe, every materialsuits the individual needs of its collection. Equally, DEDON Fiber is produced in our environmentally-sound facilities in Northern Germany, and is 100% recyclable and free from pollutants and heavy metals. In pursuing the highest standard of quality, we aim to produce furniture and accessories that need never be thrown away. The result: Users can enjoy life at its best, indoors and out.

More about Quality
DEDON quality fiber and handwoven furniture

This year’s DEDON novelties express a characteristic combination of DEDON DNA, heritage and innovation, from expansions of current collections to the return of iconic ones. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of DAYDREAM, Richard Frinier’s daybed collection is now available in uplifting citrine, a contemporary colorway with classic DEDON punchiness. A new focus on dining, whether indoors or out, brings Sebastian Herkner’s MBRACE ALU Armchair in combination with Henrik Pedersen’s BELLMONDE Tables to a refined portfolio of collections including TIBBO, SEAX and more. DEDON icons such as KIDA, ORBIT and NESTREST invite onlookers into a world of respite, elegance and joy. Wherever they are, each collection adds a distinctive, enduring elegance to the Spirit of Place.

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