DEDON Spirit of Place
The Spirit of DEDON

It began with the creation of a revolutionary fiber, pleasurable to the touch yet tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions. Explorers by nature, DEDON went searching for artisans skillful enough to weave this fiber into outdoor furniture designed by world-leading talents. We found those artisans on the Philippine island of Cebu, today our second home, but the journey had just begun.

For more than thirty years, DEDON has criss-crossed the globe in search of the people, places and stories that inspire us. Along the way, we’ve come to appreciate the special energy that makes a place unique. We call it ‘Spirit of Place’ and pursue it wherever it leads us, including into virtual worlds that open new possibilities for exploration and discovery. The journey continues.



The story begins with a pioneering idea and an inspired vision. The idea — to create high-end woven furniture using a sophisticated synthetic fiber, weather-resistant and aesthetically refined — revolutionized the outdoor market.


Unique within the outdoor industry, DEDON owns and operates both furniture and fiber production, allowing us to brings fiber specialists and world-class designers together to develop innovative new fiber colors, profiles, textures and more.


For over 30 years now, DEDON has been successfully completing projects of every shape and size for some of the industries’ leading players. Along the way, we’ve developed a special understanding for the needs of our contract partners. Experience. Versatility. Timeliness.

This year’s DEDON novelties continue a characteristic interplay of DEDON DNA, heritage, and innovation in high-quality outdoor furniture. Designer Arnd Küchel drew inspiration from a butterfly wing for PAPYON, a seating collection with two distinct weaving styles. The KIDA elliptic armchair by Stephen Burks effortlessly enhances any table setting with a frame of irresistible lightness. Our revolutionary new ‘Mystique Fiber’ introduces a ground-breaking soft and subtly iridescent 3D effect. In MYSTIQUE BLUO, this dynamic surface unfolds with the striking interplay of two boldly contrasting colors. A playful lantern resembling an open shell, SCOORA by Hoffmann Kahleyss Design embraces OMBII, a portable LED lamp by DEDON Studio. These captivating designs, suitable for any setting, imbue a distinctive and enduring elegance to the Spirit of Place – for lasting memories of a world of relaxation and joy.

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