Play with textures. Just like all seating and back cushions our decorative deco cushions come in five appealing fabric styles. Each of these styles has its own distinctive weaving structure and, with it, a look and feel all its own.

While any one of the fabric styles would make an ideal covering for all deco cushions large or small, it‘s the unprecedented opportunity for combining different fabrics that makes every individual set of cushions so compelling. Mix the rawness of rustic Linen with the indoor refinement of elegant Tweed. Create subtle differences of shade just by working the same color in different structures. At last, the flexibility and creativity so long associated with the finest indoor fabrics can be enjoyed under the open skies.
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Developed in our own R&D labs, all collections have been conceived with our customers’ needs in mind. Once you’ve installed our products, you can rest easy because you know they’re going to last.
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Combining the highest levels of comfort, quality and style, DEDON creates luxury outdoor furniture that enables our customers to enjoy outdoor living without compromises. All materials are carefully selected and finished to ensure products of unsurpassed resistance to extreme conditions. The result is luxurious furniture that endures.

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