LOUNGE by Frank Ligthart raises simplicity to an art. The collection’s clean, balanced, rectilinear modules come together in an endless variety of seating arrangements, enabling users to create the perfect outdoor lounge for any environment. A 45-degree curved module offers a modern touch, greater flexibility and even more opportunities for creative LOUNGE configurations, from snaking patterns to semi-enclosed conversation circles. Depending one’s viewing angle, new DEDON Fiber Mystique Bluo, exclusively for LOUNGE, appears to shift in color from bright orange to dark blue.

With ‘Mystique Fiber’, DEDON Studio has redefined what is possible in the realm of fiber. The material possesses a 3D-effect, created using a new technique that wraps two boldly contrasting colors together, resulting in a variegated, dynamic surface that shifts depending on the viewing angle. This innovative fiber is the first of its kind, marking history and setting a new standard for the industry. ‘Mystique Fiber’ is featured in our classic ORBIT and LOUNGE collections, infusing both with newfound elegance while expanding the configuration opportunities of these timeless classics.

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LOUNGE MYSTIQUE BLUO Collection Designer
Frank Ligthart

My designs convert a concept into a clear form, without superfluous decor.

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