Slim Line

Reduced to bare essentials, its structure and surface fused in a singular form, SLIM LINE embodies all the elegance and lightness for which designer Jean-Marie Massaud is renowned. The collection comprises a versatile array of comfortable lounge elements, their subtle woven pattern playfully interrupted by a graphic line of fiber in a contrasting color.

SLIM LINE is a perfect paradox. Simple yet sophisticated, playful yet practical, conceptual yet comfortable, it fuses surface and structure into sleek forms that seem to float above the ground. A versatile mix of lounge modules, easily configured for any outdoor setting, the collection reflects the ingenuity, creativity and wit of its creator, Jean-Marie Massaud, right down to the ‘slim line’ of contrasting-colored fiber bisecting each woven surface.

 From lounge chair to beach chair, daybed to deep 4-seater sofa, the modules and pieces in the SLIM LINE collection come with large cushions that provide a maximum of comfort. A series of cushioned benches come in the same lengths as the sofas (there’s even a four-seater version), providing additional seating or serving as extra-luxurious footstools. With lightness, modernity and elegance as their guiding principles, Massaud and SLIM LINE prove once again that less is more. 

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Jean-Marie Massaud

Design aims at taking part in a new consumption model based on being rather than having.

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