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DEDON was founded on innovation. The story began with a groundbreaking fiber, luxurious to the touch yet tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. What followed was a revolution in outdoor living. DEDON started working with worldrenowned designers. Built factories for fiber and furniture production. Created icons of modern design. Extended its reach to more than 100 countries.
The journey of exploration and discovery never ends.
World's best fiber
No matter if it’s desert wind, salt water or frost, DEDON Fiber is tested against all weather conditions and for 10 years’ UV resistance. Produced in Germany by our team of specialists, it is unrivaled for strength, color fastness and longevity. And because DEDON Fiber is developed entirely in-house, we are able to work with designers to create innovative solutions, including unique colors, textures and profiles.
Produced in our own facilities
The manufacturing of both DEDON Fiber in Germany and DEDON furniture in the Philippines take place in our own production facilities. This is unique in the outdoor furniture industry and ensures that fine craftsmanship is combined with innovative technology. DEDON’s master weavers in the Philippines use ultra-strong fibers from our own DEDON production.
The right material for every setting
Specialists in outdoor living spaces of all kinds, DEDON selects the right material for every setting, from covered terraces to exposed poolsides to sandy beaches to wild nature. That’s why, in addition to the world’s best fiber, we work with highest-quality teak, aluminum, woven textiles, ceramics and upholstery, all manufactured with passion for excellence.
DEDON collaborates with the world’s top designers, from famous names to rising stars, on collections that consistently win the most prestigious design awards. Our in-house research and development department is able to work closely with each designer on solutions and innovations that make all the difference in terms of quality, function and style.
It is DEDON’s corporate philosophy to create furniture and accessories of such high quality that they need never be thrown away. Produced in our environmentally-sound facilities in Northern Germany, DEDON Fiber is 100% recyclable and free from pollutants and heavy met-als. In addition DEDON incorporates recycled materials into our products whenever feasible.
MBRACE collection
MBRACE brings cocooning comfort, iconic style and a modern material mix of teak and fiber to the outdoors. Sebastian Herkner’s award-winning collection takes its name from the welcoming gesture of the seating, which wraps users in a cosy embrace. Now available in Baltic, Sea Salt and three other colorways, MBRACE comprises a full range of dining and lounging elements, including new coffee and side tables with handcrafted ceramic surface patterns.
SEAX collection
SEAX stands for elegance and modernity. Distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail, wealth of innovative design solutions and alluring array of materials, colors and textures, this award-winning collection could only be the work of French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. SEAX comprises folding armchairs, folding lounge chairs and footstools, as well as an array of dining and coffee tables. In developing SEAX, Massaud took inspiration from the sleek racing yachts of the America’s cup.
DEDON Lighting
After moonlight, there’s no better way to illuminate the outdoors at night than DEDON Lighting. Three visually distinct light accessory collections—THE OTHERS by Stephen Burks, LOON by Sebastian Herkner, and BABYLON by Harry Paul—ensure the right style for any setting. Mix and match for an eclectic look, or opt for a single system throughout. All three collections cast a soft, ambient light that lasts all night.
DALA collection
Created by Stephen Burks, one of the brightest talents of a new generation of America designers, DALA takes its inspiration from the improvised seating arrangements of the developing world and the skillful artisans who inhabit it. Possibly the first collection of woven furniture ever to unify surface and structure, DALA begins with a colorfully powder-coated frame of expanded aluminum mesh. Through the geometric grid of the mesh, DEDON’s master weavers thread the strands of a revolutionary new ecological fiber.



Created for contemporary lifestyles, MU by Toan Nguyen is a modular lounge system of understated elegance and exceptional versatility. Easily adapted to any living space, it combines the comfort, modular logic and compact proportions of the best indoor systems with the kind of lightness, durability and weather ability only DEDON can provide. An ideal choice for chill-out, play or conversation areas, MU is equally suited to large gatherings and intimate get-togethers.
DEDON Fiber is produced entirely in-house to the highest standards of quality. It is unrivaled for strength, color-fastness and durability in even the most extreme weather conditions. DEDON lab technicians test every new fiber profile for resistance to UV rays, saltwater, pool water, extremes of temperature, and more. 
DEDON ceramics are produced using traditional and industrial techniques. They are non-absorbent and highly resistant to abrasion, indirect tensile stress, UV rays and the cold. DEDON ceramic tabletops are made from specially-cut mineral slabs.
All DEDON fabric styles are specially woven and coated to be waterrepellent, UV-resistant, stain-resistant, quick-drying and easy to maintain. DEDON cushion cores are surrounded by a water-repellent, breathable, spun-bonded wrap. DEDON upholstery incorporates all of these protections as well.
DEDON uses only premium teak sourced from sustainable plantations. It is rich with natural tannin oils and requires no additional surface protection. It offers great durability in extreme weather conditions. It resists wetness, sudden temperature changes and prolonged exposure to sun and cold. It acquires a beautiful silver-gray patina when left to weather naturally.
DEDON sling material is water-repellent, UV-resistant, mould-resistant, flame-retardant, acoustically absorbent, light-stable and able to withstand extreme working temperatures. DEDON aluminum components are specially powder-coated to protect against corrosion, abrasion and weather extremes.

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DEDON was founded on innovation, starting with a revolutionary fiber, luxurious to the touch yet tough enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Passionate about good design and curious by nature, the company quickly rose to become the first global outdoor furniture brand, with representation in more than 80 countries and a worldwide showroom network. DEDON owns and operates its entire fiber and woven furniture production, allowing it to set the standard for quality, craftsmanship and durability. For non-woven collections, DEDON collaborates exclusively with producers who share the same commitment to quality.

DEDON’s latest releases include AIIR, a new interpretation of the classic shell chair by GamFratesi; the sophisticated and comfortable outdoor lounge system BREA from Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby; and Werner Aisslinger‘s archetypal CIRQL-collection with a contemporary geometric weave.

“Since the beginning, DEDON has been a platform for bringing people together to enjoy life outdoors,” explains Sonja van der Hagen, Chief Creative Officer. “As a result, we’re specialists in much more than fiber and furniture production. Our expertise extends to outdoor living spaces of all kinds, from covered terraces to sandy beaches, sun-soaked poolsides to extreme wilderness. Each of these settings requires not only the right concept but the right materials. That’s why we select teak, fiber, aluminum, ceramics, upholstery, ropes, woven textiles and sling fabric to suit the individual needs of every collection and its context.”