With its stunning 6th-floor terrace and panoramic 320° view, Hamburg’s new FONTENAY BAR showcases the city at its best. DEDON is pleased to have participated in creating this unique location and to share the most recent pictures with you.

The bar is located in the newly-opened 5-star hotel THE FONTENAY HAMBURG on the shores of Lake Alster. Designed by Hamburg architect Jan Störmer, the hotel is located within walking distance of Hamburg’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

The hotel has 130 rooms, including 17 suites. It offers two top-tier restaurants, both with private dining salons and terrace. In addition to the FONTENAY BAR, the ATRIUM LOUNGE welcomes guests for an afternoon tea, coffee or small snack. The Spa invites guests to enjoy a panoramic view across Hamburg and Alster Lake while working out, relaxing or receiving treatments. 

“THE FONTENAY is a stunning project and the most talked-about new Hamburg hotel,” says Jan van der Hagen, DEDON’s CEO. “Its exceptional architecture and natural location make it the perfect setting for our award-winning designs. In addition, we enjoyed collaborating with an international hotel located so close to our own home base.”