TIBBO collection

Spending time in the workshop with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby can be an illuminating experience. Creative partners for well over twenty years, the pair are living proof of the old saying,

“Two heads are better than one.”

While some designers are known for a certain ‘look’, Barber and Osgerby tend to explore the individual context of each project, bringing a distinctive approach rather than a particular look. That approach is very much on display in the workshop, as the two tackle a project that is new both to them and to DEDON, a collection all in teak — TIBBO.

“The beauty of turned wooden has a tactile quality like no other material,” says Edward. “Because of its oily nature,” continues Jay, “the wood feels especially soft, and so we set out to make furniture that would accentuate these properties.” The result of their efforts, an advanced prototype of the TIBBO dining chair, sits before them on the workshop table.

As they circle around it, Edwards says, “The round wooden arms and legs combined with the thin, formed seat back are distinctive in a market primarily concerned with square sections and planks.”

This time, it’s Jay who completes the thought: “We felt there was a need for a lightweight teak chair,” he says, “that combined the sensibility of an indoor piece with the generosity of the outdoors.” The indoor-outdoor theme is clearly an important

The indoor-outdoor theme is clearly an important one for the designers, who note that people are increasingly living in spaces where the outdoors and main living area are separated only by a piece of glass.

“This transparent boundary results in the juxtaposition of the modern living aesthetic and the outdoors," says Edward, leaving the final thought to Jay: “We saw an opportunity to design outdoor furniture with the same sensibility as we would for a range designed for indoor use.”


The success of their approach is apparent not only from the numerous awards TIBBO has received, but from the fact that the collection continues to expand. What began with a dining set now includes luxuriously comfortable lounge chairs, sofas and more.

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