A/D/O Project NYC

DEDON was founded on creativity and innovation, and we’ve been supporting these values ever since. That means working with world-famous designers to bring their visions to life, of course. But it also means helping our master weavers in the Philippines to
develop their artistry.

The suppleness of DEDON Fiber makes it a remarkable material to work with, and we’re committed to assisting those who wish to try. So when Stephen Burks invited us to join an innovative project at Brooklyn’s A/D/O creative space, our answer was a definite yes.

Winner of a prestigious Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, Stephen has emerged as one of the leading talents in American design. But it’s in thinking beyond design that Stephen has truly made his mark. His interest in the future of artisans and handicrafts around the world has influenced design thinking and resulted in a uniquely compelling body of work, including three award-winning collections for DEDON.

As part of his four-month residency as A/D/O’s inaugural designer-in-residence, Stephen devised a workshop around what he calls the DEDON Irregular Weaving project. It all began with a question: Could artisans participate more creatively in the production of unique pieces of furniture, taking advantage of the fact that they were made by hand? DEDON supported the workshop with raw materials and the expertise of our experienced project design managers.

Over the course of the project, Stephen and the participants proceeded from 2D and 3D sketches to study models to full-scale prototypes that explore the meaning of hand-led creativity for both artisan and manufacturer. The results, some of which are pictured here, are both eye-catching and thought-provoking, which is exactly the kind of creativity that DEDON is proud to support.

“The DEDON Irregular Weaving project represents a cross-pollination of skills and cultures that’s both innovative and inspiring,” said DEDON's CCO, Sonja van der Hagen, at the workshop’s conclusion. “Since the beginning of our collaboration with Stephen, seven years ago, he has shown an incredible appreciation for the craft of DEDON’s master weavers in the Philippines. We look forward to continuing our dialog with him and to supporting future projects in which our materials and expertise can contribute to creativity, understanding and innovation.

DALA collection by Stephen Burks