DEDON Sayulita
DEDON in Sayulita

Keep exploring, and the world keeps offering new things to discover. Our latest find? Sayulita, Mexico, an easygoing surf haven and meeting place for dreamers.

DEDON cliffs Sayulita

Travel is like a second home to us, so familiar that we simply follow our instincts. When a friend first mentioned Sayulita, for example, we knew we had to go. And it wasn’t long before we knew where to go — Teitiare, a boutique hotel run by fashion photographer Anne Menke and her husband, Johann Ackermann. The couple built it as a place to raise three boys, receive guests and surf. Anne, who splits her time between Sayulita, New York and trips around the world to shoot for bespoke magazines and books, even founded an eco-minded international school nearby, ensuring a good education for her sons as well as great surfing.

The fishing village of Sayulita charmed us with its little streets and family-owned shops and restaurants. We couldn’t help but think of Ibiza as it was many years ago. But the surroundings — tropical jungles, crashing Pacific waves and surfer beaches with evocative names like Playa de los muertos — could only be Mexico. It was the ideal setting for a DEDON photo shoot, and we had a worldclass photographer on hand. Fun and full of energy, Anne likes to involve friends and family in her shoots. 
DEDON sunset Sayulita
The photos, which combine beach atmosphere with elements of Mexican architecture, are truly authentic, a result of following our instincts and taking a route less travelled — characteristically DEDON. 
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