DEDON Iconic Award 2018

Tributes this year go to two innovative new lighting collections: THE OTHERS by Stephen Burks and LOON by Sebastian Herkner. Both collections were winners in the ‘Innovative Interior’ category, which delights us even more, considering that both are fully certified for use outdoors as well as in! In addition, THE OTHERS also received the much sought-after ‘Best of Best’ recognition.
We thank the German Design Council!

A balloon-like reservoir of light, suspended on a pedestal of premium teak, LOON by Sebastian Herkner brings indoor sophistication and personality to outdoor lighting. A natural companion to Herkner’s celebrated MBRACE collection, LOON has been designed to complement the entire DEDON range. A winner of the prestigious ICONIC AWARDS 2018, LOON casts a warm, ambient light that’s ideal for creating atmosphere in the garden.
Meet THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic lantern collection that ventures into decorative art. Playful, colorful, sculptural and sophisticated, THE OTHERS consists of a variety of hand-woven lanterns that, presented individually or arranged in totem-like stacks, take on the appearance of illuminated characters. Pairs of hand-made acrylic eyes, available as accessories, gaze back at the viewer with humor, curiosity and even a little mischief.
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