Photos by Sean Conboy and Admares
DEDON is a proud participant in Dubai’s remarkable new Burj Al Arab Terrace. The recently completed landmark, which sets a new standard for luxury outdoor living, is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, pool, beach and cabana space that stretches out to sea from the foot of the world-renowned Jumeirah Burj Al Arab hotel.
Reflecting the shape and form of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, with a stylized tropical canopy pervading the structure throughout, the 10,000m² terrace includes a 612m² freshwater pool and 828m² saltwater infinity pool that melts into the horizon. More than 700 DEDON pieces, including for instance 24 SWINGRESTS and 178 RAYN beach chairs, ensure an experience of barefoot luxury on a scale never before experienced.
“From concept to completion, the Burj Al Arab Terrace represents the highest level of luxury and quality,” says Dr. Sven Groos, CEO of DEDON. “Since this is the approach we have always taken with our furniture, it was a special pleasure to be a partner on such an ambitious project, drawing on our unique expertise in manufacturing and customization to help deliver an unforgettable experience for guests.”
The Burj Al Arab Terrace, with its underlying 3,000-ton steel structure, was fabricated in Finland in just 11 months. Shipped in sections to Dubai, the terrace was assembled and outfitted in twelve weeks. The installation employed state-of-the-art offshore and marine manufacturing techniques to reduce environmental impact, leaving a minimal footprint while establishing an artificial reef to shelter marine life below.