the floating outdoor living room
INTRODUCING THE WORLD'S FIRST FLOATING OUTDOOR LIVING ROOM, an idea so playful and inviting it could have come only from DEDON.
Conceived as an extension of the iconic SWINGREST collection, this unique hanging lounge system, the creation of acclaimed French-Romanian designer Daniel Pouzet, includes “SwingMe”, a basket-like single-seater, and “SwingUs”, a comfortably cosy loveseat for two.

For Pouzet, the concept of the floating outdoor living room began with the observation that nothing in the garden is static except the furniture. By suspending that furniture from a tree or terrace structure, the designer could give it movement, introducing the dimension of time while creating the perfect backdrop for what he calls ‘scenes of life’.

Swingrest 2-seater
SWINGREST 2-seater Canopy
With Pouzet’s original SWINGREST, those scenes played out on a single, family-size hanging lounger. But with the latest additions to the collection, the entire garden or patio area comes to life. While DEDON has always been a platform for bringing people together, the floating outdoor living room takes that tradition to another level — above ground!
Though significantly smaller than the original SWINGREST, the SwingMe single-seater and SwingUs loveseat share some of its most distinctive features, including extra-wide strands of DEDON Fiber woven through their basket-like aluminum frames. Diaphanous canopies, available as accessories, give both pieces the luxuriously intimate quality of tiny rooms.
Perfect for one person, SwingMe has all the shapeliness and irresistible charm of the original SWINGREST, but on a much cozier scale. Large enough to envelop the user, allowing him or her to get comfortable in any number of positions, it features a wraparound backrest, expertly shaped and fitted to create a spacious comfort zone.

Available in a choice of Chalk or Natural and enlivened by a richly textured and colorful array of luxurious cushion fabric options, the extended SWINGREST family, now comprising an entire floating outdoor living room, is truly the embodiment of the DEDON philosophy of living — open-hearted, welcoming and just plain fun.

Playfulness and thoughtful attention to detail extend to all aspects of SwingMe and SwingUs, even those hidden from view. Lift the seat cushions, for example, and discover a hand-woven support consisting of four strands of fiber, each a different shape, texture and hue, their weave so complex that it appears effortlessly random.
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