25 years is not a long time in most businesses. In ours, though, it’s practically forever.That’s because, simply put, there was no woven outdoor furniture industry before DEDON came along. The first to weave synthetic fiber into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for woven outdoor furniture since its founding in 1990.
Today, we are represented in more than 80 countries on six continents and the number keeps growing. With an extensive network of importers and distributors the world over DEDON is uniquely positioned to provide the finest products and services to customers everywhere, including contract partners undertaking high-end projects in the most far-flung of locations.
We first visited Siargao some fifteen years ago on trips to our production facilities in Cebu. Then we started bringing friends, partners and designers. Eventually, we created DEDON ISLAND. More than just another beautiful resort, more than just another memorable stop on the Tour du Monde, DEDON ISLAND serves as our own Outdoor Living Lab, a place to dream up not only new products but new ways of living under the open skies.
It’s here at DEDON ISLAND that we first developed our concept of Barefoot Luxury. Based on a slower way of being — unpretentious and nonmaterialistic, but with a deep appreciation for quality — Barefoot Luxury is more about experiences than it is about things. It has influenced the way we think about furniture and its special place in the lives of our customers. As the Tour du Monde continues, Barefoot Luxury is an experience we’re on the hunt for everywhere we go.

unpretentious and nonmaterialistic, but with a deep appreciation for quality.