DEDON SCOORA Lantern by Hoffman & Kahleyess
DEDON SCOORA Lantern by Hoffman & Kahleyess
DEDON SCOORA Lantern by Hoffman & Kahleyess



DEDON introduces SCOORA by Hoffmann & Kahleyss Design, a refined yet playful Lantern that brings craftsmanship and design to the outdoors. The collection name SCOORA is a variation of the name Zora, which in different languages and cultures has meanings such as sky, sun, sunrise or shell. Turned to the sky, the Lantern resembles an open shell and creates a soothing, atmospheric light. Wrapped in an organic silhouette and an intricate weave that comes in two colorways, this vibrantly textured lighting collection adds a unique ambience to any setting.

Developed by Hamburg-based Hoffmann & Kahleyss Design, SCOORA “unifies motifs found in nature and dramatic, gestural forms to create a splendid lighting experience,” explains co-founder Birgit Hoffmann. Elaborating on how SCOORA embodies the holistic spirit of DEDON, she states, “We wanted to inspire a sense of comfort and refuge with SCOORA’s large format…our focus on this project has been on unlocking the potential of different weaves, on finding a natural design language which strikes harmony with the outdoors.”
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Scoora Collection Designer
Hoffmann & Kahleyss

We were constantly surprised by the sheer skill and versatility of DEDON’s master weavers, and I really think that level of passion and precision which our team worked with shows in the product.

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