DALA takes inspiration from the artisanship and improvised seating arrangements of the developing world. Surface and structure merge in this versatile collection by Stephen Burks, each piece starting as a powder-coated frame of aluminum mesh through which DEDON´s master weavers thread colorful strands of our revolutionary new ecological fiber.

Created by Stephen Burks, one of the brightest talents of a new generation of American designers, DALA takes its inspiration from the improvised seating arrangements of the developing world and the skillful artisans who inhabit it. Possibly the first collection of woven furniture ever to unify surface and structure, DALA begins with a powder-coated frame of expanded aluminum mesh, through which our master weavers thread colorful strands of DEDON Fiber.
DALA’s name, as Burks explains, means “to make” in a Senegalese dialect the designer encountered during one of his many projects with artisans around the world. The collection consists of a lounge chair, a footstool, a sun bed, matching tables and elegant accessories. Lightweight, laid back and portable, with comfortable cushions supported by high-tech Batyline fabric, the pieces sit directly on the ground and are easily moved around the patio or carried down the steps to the beach. DALA features an alluring pattern of stripes available in three joyful color ways — Stone, Fire and Grass.
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