DEDON Kollektion TIBBO
DEDON Kollektion TIBBO
DEDON Kollektion TIBBO



Renowned British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created TIBBO for an era in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging. DEDON’s first collection in teak, TIBBO combines meticulous craftsmanship, superior comfort and remarkable lightness in a design that’s distinctive, elegant and pure. Comprising both dining and lounge elements in a mix of teak, textiles and woven fiber, TIBBO conveys an exceptionally rich and luxurious look and feel.

Barber and Osgerby took their initial inspiration for TIBBO from the wood itself. “The beauty of turned wooden has a tactile quality like no other material,” they remark. “Because of the oily nature of teak, the wood feels especially soft, and so we decided to create furniture that would accentuate these properties.”While most outdoor teak furniture looks, in their words, “very rectangular and uncomfortable,” every element of TIBBO was designed to be “as soft and tactile as possible.

TIBBO is defined by a certain architectural rigor in both its construction and its proportions. But the rationality of the design is balanced by the warmth of the wood, the comfort of the cushions, the natural look of the speciallydeveloped fiber, and the sail-like three-dimensional curve of the formed seat backs.

The collection is hand-crafted from premium teak sourced from sustainable plantations. Premium teak offers great weather-resistance and durability even in extreme conditions. Indoors, TIBBO will retain its golden hue. Outdoors, if left untreated, it naturally acquires a silver-grey patina that will, according to the designers, “add another layer of quality to the design.

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Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
“Because of the unique nature of teak, the wood feels especially soft and so we set out to make furniture that would accentuate these properties."
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